Darkest Dungeon: How to backup saves

Losing your current progress in a challenging game is beyond frustrating. Preserve your Darkest Dungeon progress and safeguard it against calamity by backing up your saved game. Finding the save file is a breeze – simply locate it in the appropriate folder on your computer, then copy it to an external drive or cloud storage. … Read more

Elden ring how to make a backup save

Can you backup Elden Ring save? Backup your Save Locally on PC Click on the Local Files tab and select Backup game files. How do I make multiple saves Elden Ring? Multiple character saves Players can create new characters by selecting “New Game” at the title screen of Elden Ring. When this is selected, the … Read more

How to backup avast license

How do I transfer my Avast license to another computer? Uninstall Avast Cleanup Premium from the original device. For instructions, refer to the following article: … Deactivate your subscription on the original device. … Optionally uninstall Avast Cleanup from the original device. … Install your chosen product on the new device. … Activate your chosen … Read more