How to backup htc 10

How do I backup my HTC phone to my computer?

How do I back up my phone to my computer? (Android 8 and older)

  1. Connect your phone to your computer.
  2. In HTC Sync Manager, click Home > Transfer & Backup.
  3. Under Backup and Restore: …
  4. Click Back up now.
  5. If this is your first time to back up your phone, choose whether to set a password for the backup file.

How do I backup my HTC to Google?

Automatically back up HTC One M9 to Google Drive so you can restore content such as app data and settings when needed.

  1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Backup & reset.
  2. Tap Back up my data.
  3. Tap the On/Off switch to turn it on, and then tap .
  4. Make sure Automatic restore is turned on.

How do I backup my contacts on HTC?

Backing up your contacts

On the People tab, tap > Manage contacts. Tap Import/Export contacts > Export to phone storage or Export to SD card. Select an account or type of contacts to export. To help protect your data, tap Yes, and then set a password for this backup.

How do I transfer contacts from HTC phone?

Press the Home key to return to the home screen.

  1. Find “Import/Export contacts” Press the main menu icon. …
  2. Copy contacts from your SIM to your phone. Press Import from SIM card. …
  3. Copy contacts from your phone to your SIM. Press Export to SIM card. …
  4. Return to the home screen. Press the Home key to return to the home screen.

How do I transfer contacts from HTC to PC?

  1. Download the HTC Sync Manager software from the HTC website (link in Resources.) …
  2. Connect the phone to your computer with the supplied USB cable. …
  3. Click the “More” tab to open the “Sync Settings” menu. …
  4. Click the “Sync” icon to sync the contacts on the phone with the computer.

How do I use HTC Sync Manager?

Open HTC Sync Manager as an administrator, or make sure you’re logged in on your computer as an administrator.

  1. Right-click the HTC Sync Manager shortcut, and then click Run as administrator. …
  2. Connect your phone again to your computer and check if HTC Sync Manager recognizes your phone.

Where are contacts on HTC?

Search for contacts stored on HTC Bolt, your company directory if you have an Exchange ActiveSync® account, or social networks you’ve signed into. From the Home screen, tap , and then find and tap People. On the People tab, you can: Find people in your contacts list.

How do I transfer contacts from HTC phone to SIM card?

Follow these instructions to back up your contacts to your SIM or your phone.

  1. Find “Import/Export contacts” Press People. Press Manage contacts. …
  2. 2a – Back up contacts to your phone. Press Import from SIM card. Press Phone. …
  3. 2b – Back up contacts to your SIM. Press Export to SIM card. Press Select all.

How do I transfer contacts from phone to SIM?

Go to [Settings] > tap on the [System apps] > choose [Contacts] > [SIM Card Contacts] > tap on [Import] > select all the contacts you want to import, and then tap on [Import] to finalize the process.

What is HTC Sync Manager?

HTC Sync Manager is a free application for your computer that makes it easy to sync all of your media to and from your computer with your HTC phone. You can also sync all of your contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and documents as well.

How can I update my HTC phone?

You can choose to automatically download and install software updates for HTC or mobile operator apps.

  1. Go to Settings, and then tap About.
  2. Tap Software updates.
  3. To save on data usage, you can choose to update through Wi?-Fi only.
  4. Choose whether to auto-download system updates, app updates, or both.

What happens if you take out your SIM card and put it in another phone?

If the SIM card is inserted into another phone with the same carrier, everything should work fine, if it’s a phone locked to another carrier, it most likely won’t work, while if you have the SIM card inserted into an unlocked phone, it will work without issues.

Should I save contacts to phone or SIM?

In all likelihood your SIM will store around 200 contacts. The benefit of saving directly to the SIM is that you can take out your SIM and pop it into a new phone and you’ll instantly have your contacts with you. The downside is that all contacts are stored locally on the SIM and not backed-up.

Are contacts stored on SIM card Android?

On both Android and iOS, contacts are stored in phone storage or in the cloud by default. On Android, the “SIM card contact” indicator appears on contacts that are stored on the SIM.

What replaced HTC Sync Manager?

One of the great alternatives to HTC Sync Manager is AirMore. It is an online application that needs not to be installed on your computer and it requires an internet connection to run. With this tool, you can transfer and manage media contents like photos, music, videos, apps, messages and more.

How do I update my HTC Sync Manager on my phone?

In HTC Sync Manager, click ; Check for updates. If a new version is available, download and install the update.

How do I transfer photos from HTC to Mac?

Transferring Photos and Videos to a Mac

  1. Attach a USB cable to your phone and to a free USB port on your Mac.
  2. On your Mac, open Android File Transfer.
  3. Open the DCIM folder.
  4. Open the Camera folder.
  5. Select the photos and videos you wish to transfer.
  6. Drag the files into the desired folder on your Mac.

How do I install Software on my HTC?

Update manually

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap About.
  4. Tap Software update.
  5. Tap Check Now and follow the on-screen prompts. This is a large update and may take 20 minutes or more to download and install.

Which version of Android is latest?

The latest version of Android OS is 12, released in October 2021. Learn more about OS 12, including its key features. Older versions of Android include: Red Velvet Cake (OS 11)

What Android version is HTC One?

HTC One shipped with Android 4.1. 2 `Jelly Bean` and version 5.0 of HTC’s proprietary Sense software suite.

Can two phones use the same SIM card?

You can also have two phones with the same SIM card passed back and forth to share the number between them. Some phone companies do offer services to have one phone number shared with multiple devices, so check to see if yours is one of them.

Can you see their text messages when you put someone else’s SIM card in your phone?

If someone puts my SIM card into their phone, will they see my text messages? In modern smartphones, messages are stored on the phone and not on the SIM card. Therefore, if someone puts your sim card into their phone, they won’t be able to see the messages you received on the old phone.

What is stored on a SIM card?

Data that SIM cards contain include user identity, location and phone number, network authorization data, personal security keys, contact lists and stored text messages. SIM cards allow a mobile user to use this data and the features that come with them.

How do I see what’s stored on my SIM card Android?

  1. Insert the SIM card into the SIM card-reader slot. …
  2. Allow your computer to detect the device. …
  3. Click on the `Download` or `Read` button to retrieve the data in your SIM card. …
  4. Browse through the program’s viewing windows to find out the contents of the SIM card.

Does a SIM card hold your contacts?

The SIM card has enough memory to typically store up to 250 contacts, some of your text messages and other information that the carrier who supplied the card can utilize. Photos are not stored on SIM cards, so make sure they are backed up.

Will I lose contacts if I change SIM card?

Changing Your SIM Card

This information is still stored on the old card, so any phone numbers, addresses or text messages that you lose are available if you insert the old card into the device. Information not stored on the SIM card, such as videos, applications or documents, is still available on the original device.

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