How to backup gmail to external hard drive

How do I save all my emails to an external hard drive?

Back up your email

  1. Select File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  2. Select Export to a file, and then select Next.
  3. Select Outlook Data File (. …
  4. Select the mail folder you want to back up and select Next.
  5. Choose a location and name for your backup file, and then select Finish.

How do I backup all of my Gmail?

How to back up your Gmail:

  1. Go to
  2. Under Privacy & personalization, click on “Manage your data & personalization.”
  3. Scroll down to “Download or delete your data.” Click on “Download your data.”

Can Gmail be backed up?

Back Up Gmail FAQ

Google gives you the ability to back up your Gmail email. Since the email repository is host to sensitive data including passwords and logins, a backup is necessary to keep your information safe.

Can emails be backed up to external hard drive?

Now you can copy the email data to an external hard drive to create a backup. It’s a good idea, especially for very large email profiles, to compress the folders and files to a zip file. A zip file is compressed and takes up much less space.

How do I save emails from Gmail to my computer?

Download emails to your computer

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail.
  2. Open the email.
  3. Click More .
  4. Click Download message.

How do I save emails to an external hard drive on a Mac?

Manual procedure for backup mail from Mac to hard disk

  1. Open the Mac Mail account.
  2. Select the Mac mailbox from the sidebar.
  3. Choose mailbox ; ; export mailbox (or you can right-click the mailbox ;; export mailbox).
  4. Now choose the destination for the file . mbox and then click the Choose option.

How can I save all my emails from Gmail before deleting?

To take the backup of your Gmail account before deleting it, you can either use Google Takeout to export Gmail email in MBOX format. You can also use takeout to download other Google applications such as contacts, calendars, drives, etc.

How do I backup and restore emails in Gmail?

Log in to Spanning Backup for Google Workspace as an admin. Select the desired user’s account that you want to restore by using the dropdown in the upper right corner of the screen. Click “Restore” in the left sidebar. Search by date range or subject line for the email to be restored.

How do I archive Gmail to PST?

Quick steps to Export Gmail email to PST are:

  1. Step 1: Download & Install Gmail Email Backup.
  2. Step 2: Enter the Gmail account Credentials to login.
  3. Step 3: Select the “Export type as PST” from category.
  4. Step 4: Choose the “destination location” on PC.
  5. Step 5: Click on “Export” button to finish backup.

How do I download Gmail emails in bulk?

How To Download All Emails From Gmail

  1. You’ll need to log into your Gmail account.
  2. Head to the ‘Download your data’ page. …
  3. All the products will be ‘Selected’ by default. …
  4. Scroll down, find ‘Mail’ and select it.
  5. Choose to ‘Include all of your mail’ or ‘Select labels’

How do I copy emails to a flash drive?

Hit CTRL+A, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V from the email to the document. From there, save the pasted email Word document onto your flash drive. Outlook will also let you use the “Save As” option to move emails to your USB flash drive.

How do I save old emails offline?

To set up offline mail:

  1. Open your Gmail account in the Chrome browser.
  2. Select Settings (the gear icon), then choose See All Settings.
  3. Select Offline.
  4. Select the Enable offline mail check box.
  5. Adjust the sync and security settings to your liking and select Save changes.

How do I save emails from Gmail to USB?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t permit you to download emails to your computer directly from your Web browser. If you want to transfer just a single message to a flash drive, you can copy the message into Notepad or WordPad and then save the file in the TXT or RTF format.

Can I save my Gmail emails?

You can export and download your data from Gmail. You can download data that hasn’t been deleted. You can create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service.

How do I save a Gmail email as a PDF?

  1. Open the email you wish to convert to PDF. Find and click the Print icon.
  2. Change the “Destination” of the document from the dialogue menu.
  3. Select “Save as PDF” from the destination menu. …
  4. Your computer file directories are now visible in the “Save As” dialogue box.

How do I move emails to a folder on a Mac?

1. To move an email from your Inbox to another folder, right-click the message and select Move ; Choose Folder.

How do I backup my emails on my macbook air?


  1. Select the mailbox you wish to backup. In this example, we’ve selected the Inbox.
  2. Right click, and select Export Mailbox….
  3. Save your backup file.
  4. That’s it! Your backup should now be saved as an . mbox file.

Can I change my Google account without losing everything?

The bit before the can not be changed at all, only how your name displays in the setting, or in the gmail ‘send as’ settings. If you choose to ditch the email address, only certain things can be transferred from your old google account, to a new one.

How do I Export email folders from Gmail?

Choose the folder you wish to export. If you want to export the whole mailbox, select “Inbox.” If you want to export a single folder, select that folder. If you want to export multiple folders, go back to your mailbox, create a new folder and drag the folders you want to export into it.

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